The company has its own fleet of vehicles, undertakes  general logistics transportation and containerazation, we have long term cooperation with more than ten other truck companies,  to ensure a sufficient vehicles.

All vehicles are equipped with GPS positioning system, have complete sets of equipment, powerful transport capacity and strict management.  Implement whole participation, comprehensive and through . make our service go deep into every corner of the company,  to ensure every transportation task can be completed in a high quality.


Sea-rail combined transport:

The cost of railway transportation is lower than that of the original roads in the inner road area. At the same time, affected by the price of the holiday driver, the rain and snow, etc., the inland transportation price advantage, heavy box into the terminal exceeds the cut-off period, the foreign transport sea-rail combined transport center is responsible for free loading, and boarding the ship, free loading service. When the position of the ship is tight, priority is given to the position of the sea iron box, which is valid for all holidays.

Class space protection service:

When the box is tight, priority is given to ensuring that the sea iron box is put into the box, and it can be used as usual, and the holidays are valid.